Zincalume® Water Tanks

Zincalume® Steel Water Tanks

Zincalume® Rainwater Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have been designers, manufacturers and builders of steel rainwater tanks for more than 30 years, providing thousands of homes, farms and businesses with reliable rainwater storage all across Australia each year.

On a rural property anywhere across Australia, there is a good chance you will find a Zincalume® rainwater tank, and there is also a decent chance the manufacturer of that water tank was Pioneer Water Tanks.

Zincalume® Steel has followed in the footsteps of corrugated iron as key materials for the Australian identity, being used in roofing, sheds, gutters and – of course – water tanks, thanks to hits high quality corrosion resistance, and long service life.

For those not worried about Colorbond® Water Tank colours, or who aren’t located close to the coast; Zincalume is a logical option, providing corrosion protection that has been tested in the harsh Aussie environment.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

The Evolution of Corrugated Iron Water Tanks

BlueScope Steel Water Tanks

If you purchase a Zincalume® rainwater tank from Pioneer, you can rest assured that it is manufactured from genuine BlueScope Steel, and the wall panels have a genuine Zincalume® finish.

The Pioneer brand is so inherently linked with BlueScope Rainwater Tanks that Pioneer even traded temporarily as BlueScope Water Tanks in the past.

Corrugated Iron Tanks

Corrugated iron tanks or corrugated steel tanks has really become a colloquial catch-all term for galvanised steel water tanks, Zincalume® steel water tanks and even Colorbond® steel water tanks, but today most often refers to Zincalume®.

Corrugation is simply a reference to the pattern that the steel is formed into for your roof sheets and sometimes wall panels of sheds and homes. This is still the pattern used in the roofs of Pioneer Water Tanks.

What is Zincalume® Steel?

Zincalume® steel is an alloy of zinc, aluminium and magnesium (getting its name from the zinc and aluminium parts of its makeup), that was first developed in 1976.

In 2013 the modern version of Zincalume® steel with Activate® technology was introduced; a coating that results in a slower rate of corrosion, and resulting in more effective, longer-lasting steel products, that are less likely to rust.

The Strength of Zincalume® Tanks

Pioneer V-Lock® Engineering

One of the ways Pioneer continues to lead the way in water across our entire range of water tank sizes, is by going above and beyond with the engineering of base aspects of our tanks.

The Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile is an improvement on standard corrugation, engineered specifically for water storage purposes, and lends itself to stronger tank panels that place less stress on the liner as it fills and empties.

Pairing this signature tank wall profile with sacrificial anodes, an antibacterial poly lining, and a team of installers who build these tanks with care no matter what the size or capacity, and you have a high quality product that will last for decades to come.

Made from Australian Steel

Every water tank manufactured by Pioneer Water Tanks is made from genuine BlueScope Steel at Pioneer’s head office just out of Perth, right here in Western Australia.

Maintaining a tight level of control over the material and manufacturing aspects allows Pioneer Water Tanks to ensure a high level of minimum quality in every tank manufactured.

BlueScope’s Zincalume® Steel has undergone rigorous testing all across the product range, to ensure that they are fit to stand up to the harsh Aussie climate with little maintenance or cleaning.

Zincalume® Warranty

The use of quality metals, as well as the professionalism that goes into the design, manufacturing and installation of every Pioneer Water Tank is why Pioneer is able to offer the Pioneer 20/20 Warranty.

That’s a 20 year conditional structural warranty, along with a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage, and is applicable to any product in the rural range from 12,000 litres to 280,000 litres.

photos of kangaroos in front of a 500000 litre water tank from pioneer water tanks

Quality Fittings and Accessories

Pioneer also has a variety of standard and optional fittings and accessories available with the installation of your water tank.

The standard accessories include; an Aqualiner Fresh® tank liner, a set of anodes, a 50mm outlet and ball valve, 150mm overflow and flap valve, stainless steel leaf filter basket or 50mm inlet, heavy duty hinged access hatch and a galvanised ladder.

Additional dustproofing, underlays, water level sensors, fire fittings and more are available as options on top of your standard water tank price.

a tankmate 4g water level sensor tank water level indicator installed on a pioneer water tank

Looking for a quote or more information on Zincalume® Tanks?

If you still have more questions about Zincalume® Water Tanks, Pioneer is here to help, whether it be about dimensions, water tank capacity, overall footprint or site space required or simply to just get a quote. Simply call our head office number at 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote online, and one of our dealers will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zincalume® safe for drinking water?

Zincalume® is a tried and tested high performance steel used in roofs and gutters, with a manufacturer recommendation for the use of Zincalume® steel for the collection of drinking water. Zincalume® water tanks also utilise a liner, further keeping the drinking water safe and healthy.

What metal is best for water tanks?

Stainless steel has the highest rating for corrosion and contamination resistance, but is very expensive, and needs all bolts and joins to be made of stainless steel. Zincalume® steel can be expected to last for decades, and most Zincalume® water tanks last upward of 20 years. Zincalume® has all but replaced galvanised steel when it comes to roof sheets and wall panels.

What is the Australian standard for water tanks?

AS/NZS 4020:2018 refers to testing of products for use in contact with drinking water, and ensures that products that come into contact with potable water are safe and won’t contaminate the water. This standard prescribes tests for analysing the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking water, with regard to their effect on the quality of the water, and focusses on wetted parts only.

Is Zincalume® better than galvanised steel?

Whilst galvanised steel was once the standard for corrosion protections, modern Zincalume® steel has much better corrosion protection, and as such a longer service life than traditional galvanised steel.

How long will Zincalume® last?

Zincalume® is a very easy to maintain product. Once installed, a regular clean will keep Zincalume® products in great condition for at least the 20 year warranty offered with your rainwater tank, and often for many years past that point. Many Pioneer Zincalume® tanks are still standing from Pioneer’s first year of business over 35 years ago.