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For more than 30 years, Pioneer Water Tanks have been on the job designing and manufacturing large steel rainwater tanks for Western Australian homes, farms and rural properties, helping water WA.

Western Australia is a very large state with a range of climate regions and differing rainfalls, however no matter where you are located it is important to ensure that you have adequate access to water in the dry summer months, particularly for those who live in the rural areas who may not have access to mains water.

Of course, rainwater tanks aren’t limited to those with no access to town water supply, as many people who do have access to mains water use water tanks to help water gardens or lawns, or to help them move off grid and not have to pay water rates, or rely on scheme water supply.

Pioneer Water Tanks offers a range of water tank sizes, in a host of Colorbond® colours – in addition to the standard classic Zincalume® finish – to ensure that no matter your project, if you’re looking for a large steel tank; we have a rainwater tank that is right for you.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Water Tanks for Western Australia

skyline of perth in western australia

Benefits of Western Australian made water tanks

Since our foundation in 1988, Pioneer Water Tanks have been based right here in WA, providing reliable water tanks for customers all across Western Australia. Every Pioneer Water Tank sold in Western Australia is manufactured in our head office in Bellevue, just out of Midland, and then sent on to our network of authorised Pioneer Water Tank dealers all across Australia, ensuring that every house and farm has access to a quality water storage product.

Not only does Pioneer keep manufacturing in Australia, we also remain proudly Australian Owned and Operated to this day, by a family-owned business helping the rural community all across Australia.

On top of that, Pioneer’s Dealer Direct® Network which stretches across the state -and the nation – is made up of primarily family owned small businesses, who are exclusive Pioneer Water Tank dealers, ensuring you get the best service possible from quote to install, and throughout your service life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re based in Broome or Esperance, in Exmouth or Kalgoorlie, Pioneer Water Tanks will have an installer ready to assist with the delivery and installation of your rainwater tank, and to help you meet your water storage needs thanks to the Dealer Direct® Network.

Rainwater Harvesting in Western Australia

While a small state in terms of population – and little known outside of those who have visited – when it comes to land area Western Australia claims the title of the second largest state, province or county on earth, and this comes with its unique set of challenges.

With such a spread-out population – despite the fact most Western Australians live in the Perth metropolitan area – many Australians, particularly the farmers and rural workers on whom we all rely, have little or no access to mains water.

It is for these people that large, reliable water tanks are the most important, and Pioneer Water Tanks have made it our mission to provide the highest quality product for Western Australian families and farmers for more than 30 years, at a relatively affordable price.

Areas we install Water Tanks in Western Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks have authorised dealers and installers located all across Western Australia, and can install water tanks anywhere from Esperance to Kununurra. If you aren’t located in any of the broader regional hubs listed here, don’t stress, as we have an installer who is willing and able to install your Pioneer Water Tank.

The Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network - Lifetime installation and maintenance services

With authorised and experienced Pioneer Dealers across the state of Western Australia, you can be assured of expert local advice and service from the start of your search for reliable water storage, and throughout your water tank’s long service life.

There are many things which set Pioneer apart from the rest of the market, and none are more significant when it comes to customer benefit than the outstanding local service and support you will receive from your local accredited Pioneer Dealer.

Pioneer Dealers are local people running local businesses, and are experts when it comes to the products offered by Pioneer Water Tanks, and will have the answers to all of your rainwater harvesting questions, and information regarding things you probably won’t have thought to ask about.

The true advantage of the Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network is the local advice and knowledge they are able to impart, that a call centre or centralised office just isn’t able to offer.

Types of Tanks Available

When it comes to the types of water tanks available in Western Australia, there is a wide range for a variety of purposes. For residential purposes, the two most popular choices in the WA market – and likely what you will be choosing between – are steel water tanks and poly water tanks.

Poly Water Tanks vs Steel Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks

The most common water tank for those in suburban homes, poly water tanks are made from UV-treated polyethylene, a food grade plastic. Poly tanks are typically less expensive than steel tanks until you start needing more than 50,000L of water storage, where one steel tank often becomes more economical than two poly tanks.

You can get round or slimline poly water tanks, making them much easier to fit in small spaces, and don’t require a team to assemble.

two poly water tanks on a rural property in front of a dramatic sunset
two colorbond water tanks on a semi-rural western Australian property built by Pioneer Water Tanks

Steel Water Tanks

For people looking to provide water to their entire home, steel water tanks are the way to go. While there are smaller steel water tanks that can be used on small blocks, typically steel water tanks are for large water storage. There is no water tank that will give you peace of mind when it comes to bushfire protection like a steel liner tank.

Steel water tanks typically come with a longer warranty than plastic water tanks, and have the advantage of not only being stronger and more durable, but are also able to be recycled at the end of their service life.

Pioneer Water Tanks has built a reputation as Australia’s #1 big tank company.

A range of water tank accessories, colours and sizes

Pioneer Water Tanks also come with a host of standard and non-standard accessories and fittings, perhaps most significantly the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, which works from inside your tank to help keep your water tanks water fresher for longer.

You will also be sure to find the right size rainwater tank for your needs, with a range of water tank sizes from 12,000 litres to 500,000 litres, all available in the Colorbond® colour of your choice, or a classic Zincalume ® finish.

a tankmate 4g water level sensor tank water level indicator installed on a pioneer water tank

Here to help with Western Australia's water storage needs

If you’re looking for a quote on world class water storage for your property in Western Australia, contact us by phone on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote for a water tank today through this site, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size water tank for a house?

This depends on a number of factors, including what you’re using the tank for, how many people live in your home, your available roof or rain harvesting space, and your property’s annual rainfall. 

A family of four would likely require a 10,000L water tank if it is just for drinking water, and a 150,000L water tank if it is going to be supplying water for the entire home.

Why do Australian homes have water tanks?

As per a 2010 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 832,000 households reported that they use a rainwater tank as their main source of drinking water, and 700,000 of these were located in areas outside of capital cities.

An estimated 750,000 homes in Australia have no access to mains water, and these make up a significant portion of the 700,000 homes in rural areas who rely on a rainwater tank for drinking water. 

Not only these areas have water tanks though, and in such a dry nation it’s no surprise that more than a quarter of all homes in Australia have a water tank, either for their main water supply, or simply to help them water gardens or do the laundry without using too much of their scheme water supply.

Which brand water tank is best for a home?

The type of water tank you need depends on the purpose of the tank and the amount of space you have. 

For suburban use, a slimline steel or poly tank would be sufficient for watering gardens and using in laundry. For drinking water only, a smaller rain barrel of only around 4000 litres may be sufficient for a family of four in a semi-rural or suburban area.

For a rural area or larger property, a large steel tank – like those offered by Pioneer Water Tanks – would likely be required to supply water to the entire home.

Is a bigger water tank better?

This depends on your budget, and available space on your property, as well as your rainwater harvesting ability. However if we don’t consider these factors, in a state as dry as Western Australia, the bigger the water tank you have, the more freedom you will have with your water usage. It is always recommended that you get the largest water tank you can afford and fit on your property, after calculating the maximum amount of rainwater you can harvest.

How long does a water tank last?

Whilst there is no definitive answer to the question of how long a water tank lasts, typically any style of steel or poly water tank will last a minimum ten years, with poly tanks often lasting over twenty years, and steel tanks upward of thirty.

Pioneer Water Tanks come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty, and many of the water tanks installed in our first year of business back in 1988 are still operating perfectly today.