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Pioneer Water Tanks has been providing high-quality rainwater tanks to all of Australia for over 30 years, and being based out of Bellevue, have a wealth of experience with the specific water challenges that come with living in the Midland area. That’s right, Pioneer Water Tanks is located walking distance from the Midland CBD, and has been for decades.

Pioneer Water Tanks is determined to offer the best quality product, at affordable water tank prices, continuing to make advances in strength of our tanks and applications of improvements in liner technology and filter baskets. It’s this attention to quality that made Pioneer’s name as the number one big tank company.

In a state with such diverse climate regions as Western Australia, the ability to store clean water for long dry spells is crucial, not only for your family’s water needs, but also if you want to avoid water usage restrictions during the summer months.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard yourself against summer heatwaves or drought, either to sure up your water supply or for bushfire protection, or are simply looking to find ways to save money or give yourself a little bit of freedom with your water use, Pioneer Water Tanks is sure to have a solution for your rainwater harvesting needs.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Water Tanks for Midland Western Australia

perth skyline from kings park during the day

Water Storage Challenges in Midland Western Australia

Hotter and Drier than Perth

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, in terms of total annual clear days, and because of this it is popular for its beaches and rivers. It is also famously the most isolated capital city on Earth, with Adelaide being over 2000km away. Because of this, it is often overlooked as the fourth most populous city in Australia, boasting a little over 2 million residents as of June 2017.

Despite being a short train ride or drive from Perth, Midland experiences average temperatures in summer of one degree warmer than Perth – often up to five degrees hotter than the capital on particularly warm days – and typically experiences less rainfall thanks to the distance from the coast. Paired with Midland’s proximity from the bushfire-prone Perth Hills region, it is important to ensure you have reliable water storage.

Bushfire e-book

Bushfire Protection with Pioneer Water Tanks

Midland Water Tanks for Bushfire Protection

Much of Australia’s native bushland and vegetation have evolved to require bushfires as part of their natural life cycle, which has resulted in areas of Australia being affected by widespread bushfires more regularly than anywhere on earth. Paired with the effects of climate change on drought and temperatures, the long summer months often result in widespread and out-of-control bushfires in areas like the Perth Hills.

The Zincalumne ® and Colorbond ® steel products used in Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C – unlike poly water tanks, which are more likely to melt or have their structural and hygienic integrity compromised by any temperatures above 100°C.

Steel liner tanks are also better equipped to handle extended exposure to the extreme heat of Western Australia’s climate, as opposed to polyethylene or slimline water tanks, which are not recommended to be exposed to prolonged temperatures above 40 degrees – in the 2021/2022 Summer, Midland sweltered through a record 13 days above 40 degrees, including a record six in a row.

A Wide Range of Water Tanks

Colorbond ® Colours

For ease of water harvesting, as well as water supply, most people install their water tank close to the house. This means it is important that your water tank is something you’re proud to display. Pioneer knows how important it is your rainwater tank not only services your water storage needs, and is made from the highest quality materials – but also looks good doing it.

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a traditional Zincalume ® finish, as well as in a range of Colorbond® colours, to ensure a satisfying product with the right design for all customers.

Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range



Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®




Pale Eucalypt®

Non-Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range

Dover White™

Evening Haze®



Shale Grey™





Night Sky®


Deep Ocean­®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®

Standard Colorbond® Colours

Non-Standard Colorbond® Colours

Water Tank Sizes - Dimensions and Capacities

pioneer water tank sizes and dimensions

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Other sizes and measurements to consider

When installing a Pioneer Water Tank, it is recommended that the minimum size of the tank site be 2m wider than the tank diameter, leaving 1m of sand pad on each side of the tank. This means that for a GT110 – which is 8m in diameter – you would need a 10m diameter space to install the water tank.

The sand pad itself – which needs to be installed, level, stable and free of debris prior to construction – needs to be 150mm (minimum) thick of clean sand, and covered with aggregate after the tank has been installed, in order to prevent erosion and to comply with warranty conditions.

As for the location of your rainwater tank, it must be located at least 50cm below gutter height for every 100cm away from the downpipe it is situated, in order to ensure that it will fill correctly. 

Standard and Non-Standard Accessories

Standard Water Tank Acessories
aqualiner fresh layers example antimicrobial water tank liner

1 x Exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® Water Tank Liner

a 50mm outlet with ball valve fire fitting for steel water tanks

1 x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve

a pioneer water tanks stainless steel leaf filter basket for steel water tanks

1 x  Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet

a galvanised steel ladder for large steel water tanks hook on ladder with bracket

1 x Hook-On Galvanised Ladder with Bracket

pioneer water tanks hinged galvanised steel roof access hatch water tank access hatch

1 x Heavy Duty Hinged Access Hatch

a pioneer water tanks 150mm overflow 150mm bellmouth

1 x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve

a single annode bag sacrificial anode for steel water tank corrosion protection

1 x Set (2) of Anodes

Optional Water Tank Accessories
ball valve outlet for steel water tanks

Fire protection valve and fire water reserve to shire standards

an analogue water level indicator with float valve and weight

Digital or traditional water level indicators

four pioneer water tanks smart water savers tank roof gutter system pieces

Gutterless tank roof rainwater harvesting system

a close up photo of water tank liner protection water tank underlay fabric geotextile underlay

Geotextile underlay to protect liner from damage

SuperSeal water tank dustproofing and vermin protection for water tank freshness

SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip pack

Water Tanks and WA Water Regulations

Western Australia has restrictions on lawn and garden watering, with sprinklers only able to be turned on on allocated days. Hand watering is excepted from this, however, with increasingly busy lifestyles, hand watering isn’t going to keep most people’s gardens alive.

By installing a water tank in your home, you can save money on water bills and use water more freely for your home and garden.

Pioneer Water Tanks come in sizes starting at 12,000 litres and feature the Pioneer exclusive Aqualiner Fresh ® antimicrobial liner, which exceeds Australian drinking water standards. All residential tanks come with a 20-year conditional warranty.

Australian-Made Water Tanks - WA Local Service

Pioneer Water Tanks isn’t just a water tank manufacturer based in Midland, we have dealers based all over Australia, meaning Pioneer Water Tanks is a local business no matter where you are. Midland sits right between our dealers located in Muchea, Pinjarra and Lesmurdie.

Maintaining our network of local dealers is our way of supporting family businesses, who can in turn support you from quote, to installation and through the service life of your water tank.

This team of expert dealers and water tank installers across the state and country are members of your local community, committed to the process of providing quality water storage solutions. 

Further Questions About Your Rainwater Tank?

For a great price on Australia’s #1 big tank, or more information on how Pioneer can give you peace of mind, call us for a quote over the phone 1800 999 599, or simply click here and fill out the form to send us a message requesting a quote, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank quote.