Water Tanks for Your Farm

Pioneer Water Tanks - Rural Water Storage

Rainwater Tanks for Your Farm

Pioneer Water Tanks have been providing water tanks for farms and rural properties across Western Australia for more than 30 years, and continue to lead the way when it comes to high quality water storage.

Many people in need of an agricultural water tank need to store large quantities of rainwater for drinking water, irrigation or animals – often as their main source of water supply – and large steel water tanks remain the best option available to Aussie farmers.

Pioneer Water Tanks supply a range of rainwater tanks and water storage tanks from 12,000L to 500,000L meaning that there is an option that is right for your farm water tanks. If needed these tanks can also be linked together to facilitate large amounts of rainwater storage.

Many of the water tanks that Pioneer supplied way back in 1988 – in the first year of manufacturing – still stand to this day, providing vital water storage to farmers all across rural Australia.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Australia

Over 30 Years of Agricultural Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have been revolutionising water storage for farmers for more than three decades now, providing a cost effective alternative to prefabricated galvanised steel or poly tanks, allowing for more large scale water storage of clean water without the need for multiple tanks.

The Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner in every tank helps keep large quantities of water clean and fresh, by fighting against the build-up of algae or bacteria on the liner, which can compromise water quality.

Water tanks for your farm are also quite often water tanks for your home – many of these homes without access to mains water – which is why it is important that the water stored in these tanks is clean and fresh, but also that the tanks are strong, reliable, and available in a range of colours that fit the overall aesthetic of the home and property.

None of the drawbacks of dams or bores

Many rural properties have dams or bores used for water trough filling or irrigation, as the need for clean drinking water isn’t as high in these situations. However, where bores can be tainted with minerals, and dams are prone to losing up to 50% of their water to evaporation in the drier months.

Your Pioneer water tank can even be used in partnership with your dam, using a water pump, and storing the water to prevent evaporation in the warmer summer months, and utilising rainfall to fill both the dam and tank during the winter.

a dam in rural australia at sunset

Available with TankMate and other accessories

To make your life easier, Pioneer Water Tanks are available with range of accessories. From standard included accessories such as the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, and 150mm overflow, to optional accessories such as water level gauges, dustproofing and tank roof catchment devices.

Pioneer Water Tanks has also partnered with TankMate, to bring your tank into the future, with live tracking of your water levels, allowing you to see daily water usage trends and be notified of any abnormal usage – allowing you to detect leaks or faults earlier.

a tankmate 4g water level sensor tank water level indicator installed on a pioneer water tank

Large Steel Water Tanks

Rural Water Tank Sizes

With farm water storage from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, there is sure to be a water tank that meets your needs. All tanks in the rural range – from 12,000 to 280,000 litres – include the Pioneer exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner.

Pioneer Water Tank Sizes

pioneer water tank sizes and dimensions

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Water Tank Colours

Pioneer Water Tanks knows that your water tank is an extension of your rural home. This is why these rainwater tanks are available in a range of Colorbond® colours, as well as a standard Zincalume® finish.

Colorbond® Rainwater Tanks

Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range



Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®




Pale Eucalypt®

Non-Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range

Dover White™

Evening Haze®



Shale Grey™





Night Sky®


Deep Ocean­®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®

pioneer water tanks range of colorbond colours for colorbond water tanks

Water Tank Accessories

If you’re using your water tank for fire protection, need quick access to your tank water levels, need extra rainwater harvesting space and want to catch water from your tank roof, Pioneer has you covered with a range of standard and optional rainwater tank accessories.

Standard Water Tank Acessories

aqualiner fresh layers example antimicrobial water tank liner

1 x Exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® Water Tank Liner

a 50mm outlet with ball valve fire fitting for steel water tanks

1 x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve

a pioneer water tanks stainless steel leaf filter basket for steel water tanks

1 x  Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet

a galvanised steel ladder for large steel water tanks hook on ladder with bracket

1 x Hook-On Galvanised Ladder with Bracket

pioneer water tanks hinged galvanised steel roof access hatch water tank access hatch

1 x Heavy Duty Hinged Access Hatch

a pioneer water tanks 150mm overflow 150mm bellmouth

1 x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve

a single annode bag sacrificial anode for steel water tank corrosion protection

1 x Set (2) of Anodes

Optional Water Tank Accessories

ball valve outlet for steel water tanks

Fire protection valve and fire water reserve to shire standards

an analogue water level indicator with float valve and weight

Digital or traditional water level indicators

four pioneer water tanks smart water savers tank roof gutter system pieces

Gutterless tank roof rainwater harvesting system

a close up photo of water tank liner protection water tank underlay fabric geotextile underlay

Geotextile underlay to protect liner from damage

SuperSeal water tank dustproofing and vermin protection for water tank freshness

SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip pack

Water Storage for your farm and your home

Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to not only comply with, but exceed Australian standards for water storage, ensuring that your water tank is durable and long lasting, but also keeps your water fresh and clean for your family, pets and animals.

If you’re interested in a water tank for your farm or home, give get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or by simply clicking here to request a quote for a rainwater tank today, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steel Tanks better than plastic?

When it comes to water tanks for farms and agricultural water tanks, steel water tanks win hands down. In terms of strength, durability, and the sheer size of these water tanks which allow a much larger water supply at a much more cost effective rate than plastic tanks do.

Many of the steel rainwater tanks installed in Pioneer’s first year of business way back in 1988 are still standing to this day, dutifully providing quality water storage to rural Australians.

What size water tank do I need for my garden?

If you are only looking for a water tank for your garden, then you may be looking for a slimline tank or a rain barrel. If you need a water tank for your garden in addition to one for your home, one of the benefits of a steel water tank is that you can simply purchase the size up, and if you need additional rainwater catchment, Pioneer offers the Smart Water Savers to help you catch rainwater from your tank roof.

Simply calculate how much water you are planning on using in your garden, and add this to the size of the rainwater tank you were planning on purchasing for your home or farm.

What are the benefits of using water tanks on farms?

One of the major benefits of using water tanks on farms, cattle stations or other agricultural settings is that they prevent water loss through evaporation, unlike dams or creeks which are prone to losing up to 50% of their stored water in the summer months – sometimes drying up completely.

Even if you are running off bore water, having a rainwater tank to pump the water into means you don’t have to pump water from the bore every time you want to access your water supply, and instead only when you need to top up your water tank.

How much water can a water tank hold?

Pioneer’s range of steel rainwater tanks are designed to hold up to 500,000L of water, and can be designed even larger for certain commercial or industrial builds with certain specifications. You can also put several large steel water tanks side by side (much in the way some people do with poly water tanks) and connect the containers, as such increasing your over all water storage capacity – something done by many who increase their water storage years down the line.