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When it comes to large-scale water storage for farms or wineries, Pioneer Water Tanks is your number one option, with a range of rural rainwater tank sizes from 12,000L all the way up to a whopping 500,000L available in Zincalume® or a range of Colorbond® colours. 

Based in Bellevue, just a stone’s throw from the Swan Valley and Chittering Valley wine regions, and only a few hours from Margaret River, Pioneer Water Tanks has decades of experience in helping wineries, breweries and vineyards meet their water storage needs.

Many wineries have large sheds and warehouses as well as their cellar door restaurants, which creates ample rainwater catchment area, ideal for the amount of rainwater harvesting required to fill a water tank.

If you’re looking for a storage tank for your winery, regardless of if it’s for irrigation for your vineyard, a process water tank for your wine fermentation tanks, or rainwater storage for food and drink preparation in your restaurant or cellar door, Pioneer Water Tanks has you covered.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Water Tanks for Every Step of Your Wine Production Process

Vineyard Irrigation

Viticulture and the wine industry has long been known as a big user of water, and it is vital that the right amount of water makes it into your vineyard at the right time in order to produce the highest quality wines.

Vineyards have in the past been estimated to use 870 litres of water to produce a litre of wine – including rainfall of course – and even with technology around irrigation equipment improving, having reliable access to water can save a lot of money and protect a lot of product.

Rainwater also has been proven to be better for watering plants than tap water or groundwater, as it is higher in nitrogen and lower in minerals that may stick to leaves and roots. With many parts of the world getting drier, access to clean water is becoming a valuable commodity.

an image of an old building on a winery vineyard surrounded by grape vines
a large steel water tank from pioneer water tanks in front of a brewery with a zincalume water tank

Process Water Tanks

Growing the grapes is, of course, just the first step, and while wine storage and wine production isn’t as demanding on water supply as a beer brewery or distillery are, there is still a requirement for reliable access to water.

A lot of wineries create most of their wastewater during the “vintage” period when grapes are being crushed, and water is needed, and this water is often stored in a dam or large tank so it is easily at hand.

This water can often be reused for cleaning or washdown purposes, but often that water comes from another source altogether. Water tanks for wineries are a great way to cut back on water cartage or mains water use, and are safe from evaporation, unlike dams or ponds.

Rainwater Storage for Cellar Door Operations

Particularly in Western Australia’s wine regions, home to award winning wines, many of the wineries have cellar door sales and restaurants, to provide a luxury experience to customers, and to expand their offering.

While most people who sit down at your restaurant will be happy with a glass of red wine and a meal, there will be just as many who want a bottle of water for the table, both as pallet cleanser and refreshment.

Potable water will also be needed for the kitchens, where water will be coming into contact with food and drink, requiring a reliable source of clean water – particularly in wineries located in rural regions without access to mains water.

A restaurant will likely be able to harvest enough rainwater off of its roof to fill water storage tanks able to provide adequate clean water supply to its kitchens, bathrooms and patrons.

two glasses of wine on a stone surface overlooking a vineyard

Comprehensive Water Storage for Your Winery

Steel Water Tank Sizes

Pioneer’s water tanks for wineries are available in more than 20 sizes, ranging from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, meaning that whatever your operation’s requirements, there are sure to be a size that meets your needs.

All tanks in the GT rural range (from 12,000 to 280,000 litres) include the Pioneer exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner and the Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall – included in all Pioneer Water Tanks – is designed for the sole purpose of water storage, and comes with a 20 year conditional warranty, to ensure that your water storage needs are full well into the future.

pioneer water tank sizes and dimensions

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Rainwater Tank Colours

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a wide range of Colorbond® colours, to ensure that your water storage matches your shed, barn or home. For those looking for a more classic look, all Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a traditional Zincalume® finish also, and no matter which colours, finish or accessories you choose, all Pioneer Water Tanks come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty, as well as a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage.

All Pioneer Water Tanks are made in Australia, from Australian made BlueScope Steel, and manufactured right here in Western Australia in the sheds behind our head office. With a wide range of tank accessories and more than 10 dealers around Western Australia, Pioneer can help you meet your water storage needs.

The best water tanks for your winery

Western Australia’s wine industry accounts for just 5% of the production of wine grapes in Australia, but is responsible for more than 20% of fine wine production, meaning that the vineyards within the state are well run, and need to be watered to perfection to ensure the finest quality wines continue to be produced. Pioneer Water Tanks can help with wine production with a water storage solution for every step of the way, from viticulture to fermentation to cleaning to serving.

Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to not only comply with, but exceed Australian standards for water storage, ensuring that your water tank is durable and long lasting, but also keeps your water fresh and secure, ensuring that the grapes produced in your vineyard are of the highest quality, no matter the variety.

If you’re interested in a large steel water tank for your winery, get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote for a rainwater tank today, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sizes of water tanks for wineries?

With so many different materials, uses, and manufacturers, there are more sizes than it would be realistic to list here. From small 500L rain barrels or poly round tanks for the home, to the step up with slimline tanks up to 10,000L, to Pioneer’s range of large steel water tanks from 12,000L to 500,000L – and even larger tanks for commercial builds – there is sure to be a water tank size that suits everyone’s needs. For a full list of sizes, head here.

How long do water tanks for wineries last?

This is different for all water tanks, however most poly water tanks last upward of 10 years and up to 20, while most steel water tanks last upward of 20 years and up to 30. When purchasing a water tank, look at the included warranty to see how confident the company is that their product will last you in the long run.

Most of the water tanks installed by Pioneer Water Tanks back in 1988 still stand and function as well today as they did in the first year of the business, and all new Pioneer Water Tanks include a 20 year warranty.

How long is the warranty on winery water tanks?

Pioneer Water Tanks models GT10 – GT280 come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty and a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage, such is our confidence in the long-term performance of our water storage tanks.

Many of the rainwater tanks sold in the first year of the company back in 1988 are still in operation tody, performing just as well as they were when they were first built. Contact Pioneer today to find out how one of our water tanks can best suit your needs.

Can you use a water tank without a pump?

This depends on where the water tank is situated. Above ground tanks, situated no more than the recommended 50cm below the gutter for every meter from the home they are, shouldn’t need a pump as the weight of the water inside the tank is typically enough to gravity feed the water back into the home. 

For smaller tanks, rainwater storage located further from the home, or when tanks are close to empty; a pump may be required, however in most residential or domestic settings, your water tank will not require a pump in order to function optimally, and achieve adequate water pressure.

Can you drink tank water in Western Australia?

According to the Department of Health in Western Australia, it is safe to drink tank water in rural areas, provided that it is free from contamination, and has not been collected from a roof or roofs containing preservative treated wood, bituminous products or lead based paint, and should not be collected from parts of the roof with a chimney, discharge pipes from air-conditioners or chemically treated timbers.

For many rural properties in Western Australia where mains water is not available, rainwater tanks are an important resource for providing drinking water to homes and families. A properly maintained water tank provides clean healthy water which can be far fresher and more natural tasting than scheme water.