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Water Tanks for sale Across Western Australia

Rainwater Tanks For Sale

Australia has a long history of rainwater tanks and water storage, with so many parts of the country being so dry, it has long been a necessity. Moving from wooden tanks to concrete and single moulded galvanised metal tanks, and on to the more popular poly tanks and steel liner tanks that we see today.

Things have come a long way from the days of wooden water tanks being used alongside windmills to provide water storage to the rural reaches of Western Australia, and Pioneer Water Tanks continues to lead the way in water storage technology.

Pioneer Water Tanks have been manufacturing large steel water tanks for Western Australians for over 30 years, and continue to find ways to improve the quality of our tanks, and ensure that your water tank not only keeps your water fresh and clean for your family, but also lasts as long as it possibly can.

One of the last remaining Australian Owned steel rainwater tank manufacturers, there is no more Australian tank for sale than the Pioneer Water Tank. Our head office is located in Bellevue, less than 20 kilometers from Perth, and at the foot of the Perth Hills and Wheatbelt regions. With 10 dealers across the state, the service you will receive is truly local.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Australian Made and Owned

Pioneer Water Tanks is one of the last remaining Australian owned and made large steel water tank manufacturers, with many of our competitors having been bought up by large multinational companies over the last few decades. Pioneer Water Tanks head office is still based in Western Australia, and is owned by a family business – in fact almost all of our dealers and installers are also small family businesses, helping the Australian economy go round.

All of our water tanks are manufactured at our head office too, in Bellevue just out of Midland, and are freighted out to our dealers and installers across the country. This tight control of manufacturing processes ensures that we can have high levels of quality control over every step of the water tank manufacturing and installation process. These tight levels of control over each and every water tank we manufacture ensures that our tanks don’t just meet the Australian Standard for water storage, they exceed it.

Built to last from BlueScope Steel

Not only are Pioneer Water Tanks and all of our dealers fully Australian owned, we also think it is important to use the highest quality materials from Australian suppliers. The wall and roof panels of every tank we manufacture are made from Australian made and Australian sourced steel, and are all genuine Zincalume ® or Colorbond ® steel. 

The below range of Colorbond ® colours that Pioneer Water Tanks offers means that you have more freedom over the design and overall aesthetics of your water storage, which ensures that you can make your water tank suit the design of your home, shed or even blend into the backdrop of your environment. 

Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range



Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®




Pale Eucalypt®

Non-Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range

Dover White™

Evening Haze®



Shale Grey™





Night Sky®


Deep Ocean­®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®

pioneer water tanks range of colorbond colours for colorbond water tanks

Rainwater Tank Accessories for a wide range of applications

Pioneer Water Tanks are also available with a host of standard and non-standard accessories, which you can utilise to fully personalise your water storage solution to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a tank for residential, commercial or industrial, or agricultural purposes, the right water tank with the right fittings, means that you will be able to customise your water tank to any applications.

Accessories and Fittings

Included Accessories

  • Aqualiner Fresh®* antimicrobial water tank liner
  • Set (2) of sacrificial anodes
  • 1 x 50mm outlet & ball valve
  • 1 x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe with Frogflap
  • 1 x stainless steel leaf filter basket
  • 1 x lockable heavy duty hinged access hatch
  • 1 x galvanised hook-on ladder
  •  Pioneer’s 20/20 Warranty**

Optional Accessories

  • SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip
  • Smart Water Saver smart gutter system
  • Digital and analogue tank level indicators
  • Tank Mate 4G smart tank monitor
  • Fire brigade connections (check with your shire for size and type required)
  • Optional 20,000L or 10,000L fire reserve

* Aqualiner Fresh® available on models GT10 – GTi368. Models GTi 410 – GTi501 include Industratex® liner.

** Tanks from GTi 291 – GTi 501 include a 10 year conditional warranty.

You can learn more about the range of water tank accessories offered here. 

Other accessories such as pumps or first flush diverters may also be available directly through your installer, and they can also handle any questions you may have about what tank accessories are best for you.

The Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network

At Pioneer, we understand that your water supply is important, and no matter how well designed and engineered our products may be, a water tank is only as good as the person who installs it. This is why we choose to work with a range of exclusive dealers, all of whose staff have experience in installing water tanks for homes all across Australia. Not only that, but they have the advantage of being local to your region, giving you peace of mind that they know what they are doing.

We trust our dealers to handle your all stages of your rainwater tank sale, from the initial quote and throughout its service life, and they will be the expert staff who handle your installation and delivery, as well as any maintenance you may need down the line. 

The Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network has more than 50 dealers covering areas all across Australia, and more than 10 in Western Australia alone, with no location we won’t service customers in need of the best quality water storage. To find the location of the Pioneer Dealer in your area, contact our sales team, or head here and find the dealer yourself.

Exclusive features of Pioneer Water Tanks

Here at Pioneer, we pride ourselves on leading the way in water and pushing the benchmark for our own rainwater tanks past the Australian Standards, not just when it comes to the standards for water storage, but also when it comes to food grade liners.

The Aqualiner Fresh ® antimicrobial water tank liner and 8-80 V-Lock ® tank wall profile – both exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks – function hand in hand, helping each other perform stronger, and also individually improving the quality of a Pioneer Water Tank beyond that of the standard galvanised steel or steel liner tank.

Aqualiner Fresh® Antimicrobial Water Tank Liner

The Aqualiner Fresh Water Tank liner has been designed to not only meet standards for fabrics and materials that come in contact with drinking water, but to actively prevent your stored water from having a build-up of algae or bacteria.

Working in collaboration with Sanitized®, the Aqualiner Fresh® utilises the natural antibacterial properties of silver ions, woven into a durable and high strength five-layer dual seam welded liner, that fights against bacteria and microbes in your tank water.

Pioneer Exclusive V-Lock® tank wall profile

The Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile was designed by our team of in-house engineers for the specific purpose of water storage, for durability and strength under pressure. The V-Lock profile is built into the tank wall to increase its strength without having to increase the thickness, putting the steel where your tank needs it most.

The V-Lock profile also provides additional protection to the Aqualiner Fresh® liner, with the flatter and more uniform wall profile preventing the stretching and pulling that may be associated with a more typical corrugated iron finish.

The V-Lock® pattern and bolt together design was so good it won an Australian Design Award, not just for its strength and durability, but also for its aesthetic appeal.

Steps to take once you have placed your order

Once you have decided on the capacity and colour of your rainwater tanks, as well as any tank accessories, you need to prepare your tank site before your delivery driver brings the tank to your property. This involves having a prepared sand pad, as well as sufficient aggregate to put around  the completed tank, and some drinking water to pump into the tank so that it is stable.

Information about the dimensions of your chosen water tank, as well as how much inert sand, aggregate and water you will need on hand for your installation is available on our installation page here.

Water Tanks for sale Perth WA

If you’re looking for a quote on world class water storage for your property, get in touch with our sales team on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote for a water tank today, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Rainwater Tank FAQ's

Which water tank is best for home use?

The best water storage tanks to provide water supply to an entire home is always going to be a steel liner tank, with many advantages including durability, the fact that prices go down as sizes go up (unlike poly water tanks), and the fact that they have the advantage of being able to be manufactured in much larger sizes than a poly water tank or moulded galvanised products.

There are, of course, many people looking to simply reduce their water bill, and if you are looking for a water tank for sale for your suburban home which has access to mains water, where you may be using it to water garden beds, do the laundry, and perhaps for drinking from time to time, then slimline tanks – made of steel or polyethylene – may better suit your needs.

Tank size is the real deciding factor when it comes to which tank you should install and there are a wide range of tanks available. If you are looking for a 1000 litre to 10 000 litre tank, then a poly water tank will be best, but when you begin to need more than 50 000 litres of rainwater storage, steel tanks are not only more practical, but also become more affordable, as you won’t need multiple storage tanks.

Are steel water tanks better than plastic?

The product that will best suit your needs is determined by a range of factors, mainly determined by tank size, availability of mains water supply, and your annual rainfall.

If you are looking for a large above ground rainwater tank, then steel tanks are the best choice, as they are able to be manufactured in significantly larger sizes and have a longer service life. But if you are simply looking to water plants, then a smaller tank size option such as a slimline water tank will be best for you.

What colour water tank is best?

With polyethylene tanks there has been some debate about which colour is best, as some are better suited to UV intensive environments than others, and some colours have been suggested to last longer than others due to the pigments included in them.

When it comes to a steel tank, as the Colorbond ® or Zincalume ® is made from high quality materials and to an industry standard, the colour of your water tank will not affect its overall performance. When it comes to the colour of your steel tank, it is simply an option available to give you a choice of rainwater tanks that are best for your home.

What is the price of water tanks?

Water tank prices vary based on a number of factors, including size, location and colour, as well as options regarding accessories and add-ons that may impact the price. The price of rainwater tanks gets cheaper per litre as the size of the tank increases – though for poly water tanks, this is only true to a certain point – and the more water you need to store, the more money you will save from purchasing one large tank – provided you have the available space.

For accurate pricing, contact our customer service team or your local installer, who will be able to determine accurate pricing for your location and the best rainwater tank to suit your water storage needs.

How long is the warranty on water tanks?

Pioneer Water Tanks models GT10 – GT280 come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty and a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage, such is our confidence in the long-term performance of our water storage tanks.

Many of the rainwater tanks sold in the first year of the company back in 1988 are still in operation tody, performing just as well as they were when they were first built. Contact Pioneer today to find out how one of our water tanks can best suit your needs.