Water Tanks for Livestock

Pioneer Water Tanks - Rainwater tanks for your livestock

Water Tanks for Stock Troughs

Looking for water tanks for livestock? Look no further than Pioneer Water Tanks. Whether you’re farming chickens in barns and sheds, have a stable of horses, or a large grazing property with sheep or cattle with water troughs at convenient feeding points; Pioneer Water Tanks has the right product for you.

Pioneer Water Tanks have been building storage solutions for water troughs and livestock watering for more than thirty years, with high quality clean water storage for your farm or home. Pioneer have a longstanding relationship with the livestock industry in Western Australia, and can help with water supply for your operation.

With a range of large steel water storage tanks from 12,000L all the way up to a whopping 500,000L, catering for a wide range of applications and capable of surviving the harsh weather of the Australian outback there is sure to be water tank that meets your needs.

The Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network is made up of more than 50 dealers across Australia, and there are more than 10 dealers located in Western Australia alone, meaning that no matter where in the state you are located, there is an expert tank installer nearby who can help with all of your agricultural and farming water tank needs.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Safe From Evaporation

The major advantage that water tanks and water troughs have over using dams, creeks or streams, is that they are safe from evaporation, thanks to being hidden by the hot sun. In the summer dams can lose more than 50% of their stored water to evaporation, and water tanks can even be used in tandem with these natural water sources to protect this water in the warmer months.

Pioneer Water Tanks also come with an antimicrobial water tank liner, protecting your water quality, and preventing algae or bacteria growth that may be present in lakes or rivers, or any similar water system. This means clean water for your livestock, and for your family if you have a rainwater tank next to your house or shed as well as for your animals.

A Range of Water Tanks for Animals Great and Small

Stock Tanks for Dairy Farming and Cattle Stations

Pioneer’s livestock tanks have long been associated with the cattle industry and cattlemen’s associations all across Australia, with the long lasting design with such large water tank sizes serving farmers well into the future.

From cattle stations in the far northern reaches of the state to the dairy farming operations in the south west, Pioneer Water Tanks has large water storage solutions. Most of the cattle in Western Australia is for beef cattle, and the vast majority of the 2 million cattle in the state are found on just 22% of the state’s cattle properties.

Western Australia has one of the strongest cattle herds in the country, with a reputation for exceeding the high quality standards set by the Meat Standards Australia benchmarking system. With tanks up to 500,000L, its no wonder so many of these farms turn to Pioneer Water Tanks to fill their cattle troughs.

a zincalume water tank from pioneer water tanks steel water tank range in front of grazing cattle cows in a green paddock
Sheep in a paddock somewhere in Australia

Water Tanks for Sheep, Goats and Camelids

Western Australia’s sheep alone number approximately 15 million, and that is without considering the goat farming or llama and alpaca farming that occurs throughout the state.

Sheep in Western Australia are used for both wool and meat, as well as other products like lanolin, and with an average daily consumption of 8 to 10 litres a day, that’s up to 120 million litres of water a day consumed by sheep alone in the state.

Having more than one livestock water tank allows for water troughs to be dotted around the property, giving easier access to drinking water for your woolly friends in the state’s scorching hot summers. Adequate water supply will ensure that your sheep’s water trough is never empty in the summer heat.

Water Storage for Chickens, Poultry and Birds

Western Australia’s poultry market is predominantly chicken based, and produces more than 400 million eggs annually, and as people start to live on smaller blocks, the demand for eggs from the poultry industry continues to grow, including ducks, geese and turkey.

The chicken and poultry industry is gradually moving towards free range and barn laid eggs, as the preferences of consumers and supermarket chains alike shift away from cage laid eggs, and laying hens often require up to 1 litre a day in the state’s warm climate.

The advantage poultry operations have is that with such large sheds often used to house these chickens or poultry at night, there is ample rainwater catchment available, allowing equally large quantities of water storage to serve as a water source for your poultry farming operations.

a monument colorbond water tank from pioneer water tanks with chickens in front of it for water tanks for chickens
An image of a homestead on a piggery with a pioneer water tank

Rainwater Tanks for Piggeries and Hog Farming

12% of the national herd of pigs and hogs is located in Western Australia, and a rapid increase in free range production has seen a host of new farms and businesses enter the pork production industry.

Western Australia has over 250,000 pigs for pork production in the state, and the vast majority of this pork is sold domestically, with large supermarket chains relying on Australia to help provide pork products on a national level.

The recommendation for watering the average pig is anywhere from 3 litres a day for weaning piglets, up to a whopping 45 litres a day for lactating sows, meaning high quality water storage is always important for piggeries. And with water tanks guaranteed to last – you can rest assured that your pigs’ water trough will be full for years to come.

Large Livestock Tanks

Rural Water Tank Sizes

With farm water storage from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, there is sure to be a water tank that meets your needs. All Pioneer Water Tanks are made from Australian sourced and made BlueScope Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel, ensuring the quality of your water tank.

All tanks in the rural range – from 12,000 to 280,000 litres – include the Pioneer exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, and the Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall is designed for the sole purpose of water storage, and comes with a 20 year conditional warranty, to ensure that your water troughs are full well into the future.

pioneer water tank sizes and dimensions

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Water Tank Colours

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a range of Colorbond® colours, to ensure that your water storage matches your shed, barn or home. For those looking for a more classic look, all Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a traditional Zincalume® finish also, and no matter which colours, finish or accessories you choose, all Pioneer Water Tanks come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty, as well as a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage.

The Pioneer Pub

The Pioneer Pub is becoming a mainstay at Cattlemen’s meets across Australia, providing refreshment and a great way to network for attendees in between business.

This now-iconic centrepiece is built in the style of a Pioneer Water Tank, and is transportable, with the ability to be moved from event to event with ease by the local Pioneer Water Tanks dealer.

Being active within the cattle community also allows Pioneer Water Tanks to stay in the loop when it comes to modern trends, and what cattle farmers really need when it comes to their stations, farms and water storage.

So if you ever see the Pioneer Pub out and about, come say hello, grab a drink, and enjoy the community and networking it provides.

the pioneer pub water tank shape pub at a cattlemens association event

Water storage solutions for your farm and home

Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to not only comply with, but exceed Australian standards for water storage, ensuring that your water tank is durable and long lasting, but also keeps your water fresh and clean for your family, pets and animals.

If you’re interested in a water tank for your farm or home, give get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or by simply clicking here to request a quote for a rainwater tank today, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are cattle stock tanks?

Cattle stock tanks in rural Western Australia are typically quite large in size, as the arid areas often see their creeks, rivers and dams run dry in the dry-season, and these stock tanks are the one source of water delivery for cattle troughs. Pioneer Water Tanks offers water tanks between 12,000L and 500,000L, and the 250,000L and 500,000L water tanks are often popular options for these cattle stations. If you require a smaller size or more tanks, this can also be arranged.

How do you keep water fresh in a stock tank?

It is important that the water in your water troughs is fresh, to ensure the health of your livestock, and a quality water tank will keep your water safe from UV rays, while saving water for your operation. UV is one of the main causes for algae growth and bacteria, but Pioneer Water Tanks go the extra step; for all tanks 368,000L and below, Pioneer Water Tanks include an antimicrobial water tank liner, which actively protects your water storage from inside the tank, helping it stay fresher for longer.

How much water do livestock need per day?

All livestock is different, however, cattle typically need between 15 and 75 litres a head depending on breed and climate, on dry days grazing sheep require between 8 to ten litres a day, which drops to 3 to 4 litres a day in winter, chickens will need about 1 litre each a day, while pigs require around 3 litres a day for piglets and 45 litres a day for lactating sows and it is recommended they have access to a water source that can provide 2 litres per minute of water.

Who installs water tanks for livestock?

Australia has a range of water tank installers, installing a range of water storage solutions including plastic, concrete and steel tanks. However when it comes to livestock water tanks, steel water tanks are the way to go. Steel water tanks are unrivalled when it comes to dollar value for size and durability, with storage options up to 500,000L. Pioneer Water Tanks is Australia’s #1 big tank company for a reason, and you can trust Pioneer with your livestock water tank needs.

What is the purpose of a stock tank?

A stock tank is used to provide drinking water for animals such as cattle or horses. In dry areas, often creeks, rivers and dams cannot be relied on to provide adequate water to farms and water troughs, and the need to save water becomes paramount for agriculture. Stock tanks provide a way to save water during dry seasons or drought, and keep cattle troughs, water troughs and feed troughs full, and your animals healthy and watered year round.