Water Tanks for Growers

Pioneer Water Tanks - Water Storage for irrigation and agriculture

The Rural Water Tank Your Farm Needs

Pioneer Water Tanks are number one when it comes to large scale water storage for your farm or home, with a range of rural rainwater tank sizes as large as 500,000L supporting all aspects of Western Australia’s agricultural industry. 

Pioneer is an Australian owned and operated company, and all of Pioneer’s water tanks are manufactured right here in Western Australia, before being delivered to farmers around the state and across the country, supporting livestock, growers, homes and businesses.

With a wide range of choices when it comes to water tank sizes and water tank colours, paired with a host of rainwater tank accessories, you are sure to find a water tank that suits the needs of your farm or growing operation, whether you are growing in a field or paddock, or in a greenhouse.

If you’re looking for a solution to your water storage needs, contact Pioneer Water Tanks today, and one of our customer service representatives or authorised water tank dealers will be in touch with information and advice to help you find the right product for your property.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Farm Water Tanks for Western Australian Growers

Water Tanks for Fruits, Nuts and Orchards

Farming of fruit and nuts is the dominant industry in Western Australia’s horticultural sector, in terms of size, value and overall production, as Western Australia’s size and range of climates helps many different fruit and vegetables to be grown, including Apples, Bananas and Oranges, as well as more regional fruits like Mangoes, Cherries and Kiwifruit.

Western Australia’s fruit and nuts growing industry covers approximately 20,500 hectares in the state, amounting to roughly 65% of the state’s horticultural land use.

In some parts of the state, where rain is scarce and drought is common, rainwater tanks are a necessity, and that’s where Pioneer Water Tanks come in. With large capacity water tanks up to 500,000L, you will be sure to have enough water storage to get you through the summer or dry season.

a pioneer water tanks GT200 200000 litre water tank zincalume water tank built next to a farmstead home in gidgegannup western Australia for water tank irrigation and growing
sprinklers irrigating crops in australia for water for irrigators and water for growers and water tanks for agriculture

Water Tanks for Vegetables and Fungi

Vegetables make up more than half of all horticulture exports from the state, with an estimated export value of $95 million annually, making up almost a third of the state’s vegetable production. 79% of Australia’s exports for truffles and mushrooms also originate in Western Australia.

Thanks to this production, Western Australia has a water usage of 520,000 megalitres a year for irrigation purposes alone, meaning these farms require access to reliable water source at all times, and rainwater tanks are a great way to provide properties with water supply without having to put as much strain on underground water systems or rivers and creeks.

The water quality of Pioneer Water Tanks also ensures that the water being sprayed on your vegetables which will later be consumed will be less prone to contamination from algae or bacteria than a pond or dam may be.

Large Water Storage Tanks for Irrigation

Water Storage Tank Sizes

Pioneer’s farm water tanks for drinking water and irrigation are available in large water tank sizes from 12,000 to 500,000 litres, meaning that whatever your operation’s requirements, there are sure to be options that meet your needs.

All tanks in the rural range – from 12,000 to 280,000 litres – include the Pioneer exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, and the Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall – included in all Pioneer Water Tanks – is designed for the sole purpose of water storage, and comes with a 20 year conditional warranty, to ensure that your water storage needs are full well into the future.

pioneer water tank sizes and dimensions

The Litres/Gallons stated above are gross capacities. Actual useable volume will vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Water Tank Colours

Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a range of Colorbond® colours, to ensure that your water storage matches your shed, barn or home. For those looking for a more classic look, all Pioneer Water Tanks are available in a traditional Zincalume® finish also, and no matter which colours, finish or accessories you choose, all Pioneer Water Tanks come with a 20 year conditional structural warranty, as well as a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage.

Rainwater Tanks for Rural Applications

Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to not only comply with, but exceed Australian standards for water storage, ensuring that your water tank is durable and long lasting, but also keeps your water fresh and clean for your family, pets and animals.

If you’re interested in a large steel water tank for your farm or home, give get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote for a rainwater tank today, and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages and disadvantages of tank irrigation?

Water Tanks are widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective and widely used irrigation methods, don’t need to tap into ground water or streams, and don’t suffer from evaporation like dams do. However for large properties you will likely need multiple water tanks for both ease of access to water around the property, and to capture enough water for irrigation purposes. Combining tank storage with dam storage may be the best way to go for your property.

What is the life expectancy of a water tank?

All Pioneer Water Tanks in the GT range (12kL – 280kL) come with come equipped with Pioneer’s 20/20 Warranty – that’s a 20 year conditional structural warranty, and a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage. Tanks in the GTi range (290kL – 500kL) come with a 10 year conditional warranty. However, this is simply to give you peace of mind. Many Pioneer Water Tanks last well over thirty years, and most of the water tanks installed in Pioneer’s first year of business back in 1988 remain in operation today.

How much water do water tanks for growers hold?

Pioneer’s range of steel rainwater tanks for growers and farms are designed to hold up to 500,000L of water, and can be designed even larger for certain commercial or industrial builds with certain specifications. You can also put several large steel water tanks side by side (much in the way some people do with poly water tanks) and connect the containers, as such increasing your over all water storage capacity – something done by many who increase their water storage years down the line.

Can you use a water tank without a pump?

Above ground tanks, situated no more than the recommended 50cm below the gutter for every meter from the home they are, shouldn’t need a pump as the weight of the water inside the tank is typically enough to gravity feed the water back into the home. For smaller tanks, rainwater storage located further from the home, or when tanks are close to empty, a pump may be required.

Can you drink tank water in Australia?

Rainwater in Western Australia is typically deemed safe to drink according to the Department of Health’s Healthy WA website’s drinking water guidelines. Provided you are not located near heavy road traffic or any industrial or agricultural site that may be releasing pollutants, it then comes down to having the right rainwater storage device for your needs, and ensuring that your rainwater harvesting systems are kept clean and maintained from roof to tap.