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Rainwater Tank Grants and Rebates

Water Tank Rebate WA

With households feeling the pressures of both cost of living increases and environmental responsibility, many are turning to rainwater tanks as in investment in their future.

As with many large investments, the first thing that comes to mind for many is the price of water tanks and how they can potentially save money on water tank installation cost.

In many parts of Australia, the installation of a rainwater tank isn’t just allowed but encouraged, with a range of grants for water tanks and water savings efforts in place in the form of government subsidy for water tanks and water saving technology.

Western Australia is no different, with the Water Corporation regularly offering a rainwater tank rebate on new water tank installations, as well as a  rebate for the plumbing of existing rainwater harvesting systems.

Read on to learn more about government water grants and Waterwise rebates for Perth towns and WA regional areas, as well as additional information on how you can save water and hopefully money with the installation of a rainwater tank.


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Water Tank Government Rebate

Waterwise Australia Offers

Waterwise WA Rainwater Tank Rebate

The Waterwise WA Rainwater Tank Rebate is valid for certain Perth towns in the Great Southern and South West regions, and you and find a list of towns eligible for rainwater tank rebates on the Water Corporation’s website.

Eligible residents can apply for one of the following offers:

  • Up to $1000 for a new rainwater tank larger than 2000L that is plumbed.
  • Up to $500 for the plumbing of an existing rainwater tank
  • Up to $500 to replace an existing plumbed in rainwater tank

The Water Corporation states that  by installing a rainwater tank, you can save up to 20% of your household water use each year, and a 125m² home in the South West can harvest up to 51,000 litres of water each year – meaning you’re likely to want a tank larger than 2000L if you have the room!

Water Corp Shower Head Swap

According to the Water Corporation, around 22% of household water usage is used in the shower alone – a lot of water if you’re relying on a rainwater tank for your household water supply.

Householders in eligible regional towns across Western Australia can bring their old shower heads to their nearest shower swap location with a copy of their most recent water bill and swap it for a new water efficient model.

Water Efficiency Test

Each spring, Water Corp offers a sprinkler check, or water efficiency test, which arranges for a qualified garden irrigator to check for leaks or broken sprinkler heads, check your irrigation controller and operating system, set the optimal run times for your garden, and provide you with advice on how to get the most out of your system.

This is a great way to ensure your sprinklers are working in their most efficient manner, and can save you water while keeping your garden green and lush. Keep an eye out each August for this offer.

Waterwise Garden Rewards

In past years, the Water Corporation have run a rewards program in spring to encourage households to install more sustainable reticulation systems,  via the installation of a weather-based irrigation controller.

While the garden rewards program itself no longer exists, the government water rebate saving money on the installation of a weather based irrigation controller.

Eligible bore owners and scheme users can apply for the following:

  • Up to $200 for the purchase of an eligible:
    • Weather-based irrigation controller, or
    • Weather-based component for an existing irrigation controller, or
    • Weather-based irrigation controller and component
  • Up to $100 for a consultation and controller set-up by a Waterwise Garden Irrigator.

Eligible WA Towns

List of towns eligible for rainwater tank rebates (links to Water Corporation website). This is for customers with access to scheme water only.

For a list of all current offers and their deadlines as well as all related content, head to the Waterwise Offers page.

Benefits of Water Tanks

More sustainable water usage

Installing a water tank makes for more sustainable water usage, as the water you are harvesting is water that would typically find its way into storm drains or puddles that will inevitably evaporate or find their way into sewage systems or septic tanks.

By installing a rainwater tank and connection from your gutters, you will be saving water on your water bill as well as helping to relieve the strain on water resources with a reduction in town water use.

Watering lawns and gardens

In most of Western Australia there are only so many hours of the week you can water your lawns and gardens, and this can be painful in the hot summer months, particularly in areas prone to prolonged drought conditions.

Installing a rainwater tank gives you more freedom over how green you keep your lawn without local council water supply.

Safeguard cost of living increases

If one thing is for sure, it is that the cost of living seems to continue to increase, even relative to pay increases. The incentive of a rainwater tank is that once it is installed, the price has been paid for, and as water usage costs increase, your rainwater tank will continue to supply your home with water for decades to come.

Bushfire protection for regional Perth locations

Like much of Australia, many Perth towns, towns near Perth, and WA regional locations are under threat of bushfire each summer, and water tanks are a great bushfire protection tool.

Other Water Tank Savings Methods

Water Tank Specials

Every now and then water tank companies will offer discount water tanks and water tank specials as part of a promotion, be it end of financial year or any particular reason.

These offers are a great way to get a larger water tank at a great price. They can be applicable to a certain areas, some products, for new homes, or simply across the entire range.

Farm Water Grants

If you are unable to save money on your water tank itself, the Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme provides a rebate to commercial broadacre farmers to fund an audit of their water supply. A farm water auditor will make a site inspection to help farmers develop a water supply plan which will identify ways to improve the sustainability of their on-farm water supplies.

Information about your water tank installation cost

Now that you how how much you can save on your water tank (or if you are eligible for any rebates), you’re likely interested in the water tank price itself.

If you have any questions regarding water tank prices, or the cost of water tank installation, contact Pioneer Water Tanks by calling 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote, and your local Pioneer Dealer will be in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are water tanks sustainable?

Water tanks can be viewed as both environmentally and financially sustainable, as they not only provide you with stored water to use as an alternative to mains water supply for drinking, showering and laundry, they can also help you lower water bills. And with an expected lifespan of 20+ years, you’ll be secure well into the future.

Why are water tanks good for the environment?

Rainwater tanks can reduce the harm to our waterways caused by too much stormwater. Tank water can be used to flush toilets, wash clothes, water gardens and wash cars, significantly reducing demand on drinking water.

Are water tanks covered by insurance?

As with most insurance coverage, this will differ from insurer to insurer, however most insurers will cover your rainwater tank as a part of your home insurance, whether you are in a suburban, semi-rural or rural home. Many people have their rainwater tanks replaced by insurance after floods and bushfires.

How to switch from water tank water to town water

If you are using your water tank to supplement your water supply, rather than to replace it; you can install an automatic water switch. This has a sensor that detects how much water is in your water tank, and will switch your water supply accordingly. Many irrigation suppliers Perth is home to will offer such devices.

How much water do rainwater tanks save?

The Water Corporation Western Australia states that a rainwater tank can save you up to 20% of average household water use each year, however this can be much higher with the installation of a large water tank in an area with adequate rainfall. 

Hundreds of thousands of households around Australia rely on water tanks as their sole supply of water, meaning depending on tank size and climate, mains water use can be reduced by up to 100%.