Water Tank Prices

Rainwater Tanks Perth Prices - From 12 000 to 500 000 Litres

Rainwater Tank Prices

Pioneer has been WA’s number one large steel tank company for more than 30 years, and continues to supply Western Australian families and businesses with the highest quality water storage solutions available today.

Pioneer Water Tanks has a range of large steel rainwater tanks, available with a series of standard and non-standard accessories, in a variety of Colorbond® and Zincalume® finishes.

With 10,000L water storage starting from $4,711* and 110,000L water tanks starting from $10,377*, there has never been a better time to get a quote than right now.

* pricing includes GST and installation, and is subject to change without notification

* pricing does not include delivery for travel of more than 100km or any options you may choos


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Types of Water Tanks Perth Prices

Steel Water Tank Prices WA

Steel tanks are the more common style of rainwater tank you’re going to see in rural or semi-rural areas with more space to fit water storage. While you may see some slimline or prefabricated metal tanks from time to time, this market is typically dominated by plastic tanks thanks to their cheapness of manufacturing, and lack of requirement for a tank liner.

Steel water tanks become the more economical option once you start reaching the 50,000L mark, and you would require more than one plastic water tank to meet your water storage needs. In rural areas, where it is recommended that you have minimum 90,000L of water storage for two people if you have no access to mains water, a steel water tank is going to come in as the cheapest option.

Another advantage of steel tanks is that all of the individual panels, fittings and internal liner are replaceable, making them much easier to repair than a similarly sized round poly water tank. Being made from steel, the materials are also endlessly recyclable, and once a tank has reached the end of its service life, the panels can be melted down and reused.

In Western Australia, steel rainwater tank prices range from approximately  $7000-$9000 for 50,000L, $10,000-$13,000 for 110,000L and $20,000-$25,000 for 250 000L. Rainwater tank prices will vary, of course, depending on the material, location and any accessories you may choose to include in your final water tank.

Poly Water Tank Prices WA

On many suburban blocks, next to sheds on hobby farms, or even in some rural areas with reliable access to mains water, you are likely to find a poly tank. Due to the ability of a polyethylene water tank to be fully prefabricated and requiring no installation on site, they are typically cheaper than steel tanks in smaller size ranges.

Poly water tanks typically come in one of two forms, slimline and round.

If you are unsure if steel or poly rainwater tanks are best for you, give Pioneer a call, and a team member will be able to assist you in figuring out if your next rainwater harvesting operation will be  team poly or team steel, and recommend the best local installer for you.

two poly water tanks on a rural property in front of a dramatic sunset

Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks are favoured by those who don’t have much space, and might be looking to store some water down a dog-run, or under an awning of their suburban home. Typically used for laundry or garden watering to help keep down the water bill – though also usually safe for potable water in areas without too much pollution – slimline tanks are an easy and affordable option for many.

Round Tanks

Round tanks require a fair bit more space than their slimline counterparts, and as such are more likely to be found on a larger block, or in a semi-rural setting. These round tanks start as low as 500L rain barrels and can be manufactured up to 25 000L or even 50 000L in some cases.

These round poly tanks are made from a food grade plastic, and have an expected lifespan of 20 years, however, unlike steel water tanks cannot be recycled once they have reached the end of their service life, and must be disposed of in landfill.

a slimline poly water tank down the side of a suburban home

Other Water Tanks Perth Prices

There are many other options when it comes to water tanks, including bladder tanks, underground or under deck tanks and tanks made of concrete, fiberglass, or even stainless steel, and while all of these serve their purpose, the two most common tanks used for rainwater harvesting in Western Australia remain steel tanks and poly tanks.

Typically, in both the short and long term, the prices of steel and poly water tanks are also more economical than that of some of the more unique water tank options. If you’re purchasing any water tank of more than 2000L, you may be eligible for water tank rebates.

Water Tank Colours

Zincalume® Rainwater Tanks

Zincalume® water tanks are what most people are talking about when they say they want corrugated iron tanks or similar. In a traditional metallic finish, these tanks adorn the Australian countryside, helping farmers, families and stations alike meet their water storage needs.

Despite their plain appearance, these tanks still look spectacular in a variety of rural settings, and thanks to improvements in BlueScope® manufacturing, keep their metallic sheen even after years exposed to the Australian elements.

Colorbond® Rainwater Tanks

Colorbond® water tanks, on the other hand, are designed to help you find the perfect tank for your home. A water tank shouldn’t be an eyesore, and hidden out of the way – it should be a feature of your home.

This is why Pioneer Water Tanks have a range of standard and non-standard Colorbond® colours to help your tank be a true part of your home. Colorbond® water tank prices do differ from Zincalume® water tank prices, and the standard range of Colorbond® colours are cheaper than the non-standard range.


Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range



Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®




Pale Eucalypt®

Non-Standard Colorbond® Water Tank Colour Range

Dover White™

Evening Haze®



Shale Grey™





Night Sky®


Deep Ocean­®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®

pioneer water tanks range of colorbond colours for colorbond water tanks

Water Tank Accessories

One thing you want to keep in mind with the prices of water tanks is what accessories you may need. Pioneer Water Tanks offers a range of standard and optional accessories for your water storage, allowing you to personalise your water storage solution.

Optional accessories such as the Smart Water Saver and Geotextile Underlay are improvements you may deem are necessary for your water storage system, depending on your circumstances.

Standard Water Tank Acessories

aqualiner fresh layers example antimicrobial water tank liner

1 x Exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® Water Tank Liner

a 50mm outlet with ball valve fire fitting for steel water tanks

1 x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve

a pioneer water tanks stainless steel leaf filter basket for steel water tanks

1 x  Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet

a galvanised steel ladder for large steel water tanks hook on ladder with bracket

1 x Hook-On Galvanised Ladder with Bracket

pioneer water tanks hinged galvanised steel roof access hatch water tank access hatch

1 x Heavy Duty Hinged Access Hatch

a pioneer water tanks 150mm overflow 150mm bellmouth

1 x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve

a single annode bag sacrificial anode for steel water tank corrosion protection

1 x Set (2) of Anodes

Optional Water Tank Accessories

ball valve outlet for steel water tanks

Fire protection valve and fire water reserve to shire standards

an analogue water level indicator with float valve and weight

Digital or traditional water level indicators

four pioneer water tanks smart water savers tank roof gutter system pieces

Gutterless tank roof rainwater harvesting system

a close up photo of water tank liner protection water tank underlay fabric geotextile underlay

Geotextile underlay to protect liner from damage

SuperSeal water tank dustproofing and vermin protection for water tank freshness

SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip pack

20/20 Water Tank Warranty

Not an accessory, but certainly included in your water tank price, is Pioneer’s 20/20 Warranty. 

This is a 20 year conditional structural warranty in addition to a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage, applicable on all rainwater tank models from GT10 – GT280.

A large capacity steel water tank is a big investment  and it’s something you only want to buy once in your lifetime, and most of the water tanks built by Pioneer Water Tanks all the way back in 1988 still remain in service to this day, holding water as securely as they did the day they were built.

Pioneer Water Tanks understands that a rainwater tank is an investment that you only want to buy once in your lifetime, and our 20/20 warranty gives you peace of mind that your water storage will last for many years to come.

Here to help your household or business

If you’re want more accurate water tank prices for your home or property, give get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or by simply clicking here to request a quote for a water tank today; and one of our dealers will be in touch with your customised water tank pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a tank of water do I need for my house?

What size rainwater tank is best for your home depends on a range of factors – even if you are using it as your primary water source. Factors such as annual rainfall (mm),  roof size (m²) and the number of residents in the home are the major determinate factors. 

You can calculate your annual rainfall harvesting ability by multiplying your roof size by your average annual rainfall, which would look something like the equation below:

Roof Size ( ) x Annual Rainfall (mm) = Rainwater Harvesting Ability

300  x 850mm = 255 000L

For the average household sizes, Pioneer Water Tanks typically recommends the following size water tanks:

  • 2 Persons: 90 000L
  • 3 Persons: 110 000L
  • 4 Persons: 150 000L
  • 6 Persons: 250 000L
However, it is important to remember these figures are simply recommendations, and should not be seen as exact. Some households have higher or lower demands than others, and some have larger roof space, and may choose to harvest additional rain in order to water gardens, lawns or animals. Pioneer Water Tanks also come with the option of an additional fire reserve of up to 20 000 litres, so if you are looking to use your rainwater tank for fire protection, you may want to keep in mind the extra storage when purchasing your water tank.

What is the best material for a water tank?

There has been much discussion about what kind of water tank is best for drinking water, and understandably so, as access to fresh drinking water is one of the most important things for human health and also for the health of our pets.

Most water tanks for the home today come with a food grade liner, or in the case of poly water tanks are made from food grade plastic themselves. Pioneer Water Tanks, however, are the only rainwater tanks that come with an antimicrobial water tank liner, designed to keep your rainwater fresher for longer.

An additional benefit of liner water tanks is that when a poly water tank reaches the end of its service life, it can begin to break down and may no longer be food safe.

How much is a tank of water?

If you’re looking to have your water tank filled – or partially filled – once it has been constructed, and are looking to have the price of water carting factored in, you might be wondering how much it costs for a tank of water.

Typically this can cost anywhere between $300 and $1000 depending on how much water you need carted, however it is important to check with your installer during the quoting process to find out if this is required.

Which water tank is best for home?

For a suburban home, you would likely be looking at a slimline water tank – or a round tank, if you have the space – if you are looking to have a water storage tank to help you save money on your water bills. If you don’t want a poly water tank, but still need a smaller tank size, there are galvanised steel options in this range also.

If you’re in need of water for the entire home – with a tank size of 50,000L or more – your best bet is sure to be a large steel water tank, as the price of poly water tanks starts to blow up once you need to buy multiple water tanks. Steel water tanks meet the Australian Standard for water storage, and can also be fitted for fire protection, making them the perfect tank for your rural home.

Where should a water tank be placed?

It is best if your water tank is placed near enough to your water source – be that a shed or your home – and also near enough to where you want the water to come out, so that you don’t require a pump or pump cover which may further push up your costs.

A rainwater tank needs to be located at least 50cm below gutter height for every 100cm away from the downpipe it is situated. For a steel water tank, it is also recommended that you have a sand pad with 100cm clearance on all sides of the tank diameter.