Water: A Precious Commodity

Brendon's Water Tank Story

Brendon from Bridgetown, Western Australia

Brendon and his family raise cattle on a farm 15 kilometres east of Bridgetown, WA. While people may associate Bridgetown with “heaps of rain”, Brendon says that out on his property, it’s a different story.

“Water is a precious commodity where we are,” he says. “You’ve just got to harvest every drop you can.”

The Problem

Brendon built a new hay shed a few years ago, and felt it was a shame to keep wasting the precious rainwater running off the shed’s roof. Additionally, he had a vision of providing water to stock in nearby paddocks, including the construction of a temporary holding yard. He knew that the right rainwater tank could help him achieve both goals.

Brendon had been meticulously planning this project for quite some time—even collecting rocks from his paddock to build a retaining wall near the tank. However, he was concerned about whether or not his small tank site would accommodate a tank large enough to water his stock.


The Solution

Brendon contacted the team at Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River, and with their advice purchased an industrial-type, three ring tank. To compensate for the small tank site, the Pioneer Team installed a taller tank which Brendan says “saved a fair bit of hassle”.

“I also wanted the height in the tank to get the head pressure—to use gravity to distribute the water.”

With the new tank installed, Brendon says it’s easier to manage paddocks and feed.

“Our property was pretty undeveloped when we moved here, but this makes everything just that little bit better. We’re more certain that we’ll have the water we need to achieve our vision.”

Black cow with white face standing in yellow grass with more cattle in the background - mountainous region of Grampians, Australia

Brendon labels his overall experience with Luke and the Team at Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River as “very positive”, saying:

“Because he’s involved in making the tanks, you really get the feeling that Luke truly knows what he’s up to, and his level of customer service was outstanding. They cracked on and got it done, and I’m really happy with the job they did.”

Brendon made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on his unique situation.  At Pioneer Water Tanks this is what we do.  We listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective.


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