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How much does a steel water tank cost?

Steel water tanks are used on rural Australian homes, farmers and stock tanks, with heavy-duty water storage that helps millions across the state maintain their way of life by providing water availability year-round.

There are a host of factors that can impact the price of your steel water tank, even if you have already decided on a steel water tank as your preferred material and construction.

The choice between a Colorbond® water tank and a Zincalume® water tank, as well as the size of your rainwater storage tanks and any accessories you may need or choose to add are all going to affect the pricing.

A 110,000L Colorbond® rainwater tank installed in Perth would start at $12,457** including GST and installation, and any changes you make to the base water tank will impact this price.

** price is for an example water tank installed for delivery within a 100km radius of Perth CBD for a standard Colorbond® water tank colour. Prices will vary for other sizes, colours, locations and choice of accessories. For more help or information, contact Pioneer Water Tanks.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Steel Water Tanks Perth Advantages

Why choose a steel water tank?

The durability of Australian BlueScope Steel Water Tanks

BlueScope steel products undergo testing for a range of factors, including corrosion, durability, application and outdoor exposure. With over 12,000 Colorbond® panels on exposure across Australia in a range of locations, as well as accelerated laboratory testing, you can be sure these products are built to last in the most extreme of Australian climates.

Zincalume® steel includes Activate® technology from BlueScope, which is designed to slow the rate of corrosion, resulting in more effective, longer-lasting protection from the elements.

The award winning wall panel of Pioneer Water Tanks; the Pioneer V-Lock®, is designed to utilise and improve upon the strengths of these products, and engineered a panel for the sole purpose of water storage. The Pioneer V-Lock not only improves the strength of your tank, but also protects your liner from stretching and wear as your tank fills and empties.

Superior Bushfire Protection

One of the major advantages of steel water storage tanks over poly rainwater tanks or other water tank materials is the quality of bushfire protection offered. 

For many customers in Australia, one of the major applications of their water tank is for peace of mind when it comes to bushfire protection.

In 2006, a range of water storage tanks were tested at the NSW Rural Fire Service research site at Mogo, in a collaboration between the Bushfire CRC and the CSIRO.

Among the water tanks tested, the design of Pioneer Water Tanks withstood the fire front best, withstanding the pressure of a fire front, and retaining water even after 30 minutes exposed to flame. You can learn more in our Bushfire e-Book.

More water storage with a smaller footprint

A major advantage that steel water tank manufacturers have over other water tanks is the larger water tank sizes available. This allows one steel water tank to be built where three or four plastic tanks may be required to reach the same capacity. With tank sizes into the hundreds of thousands of litres – Pioneer Water Tanks range from 12,000L right up to 500,000L – the value for money of a steel water tank comes into its own when it comes to large water storage requirements.

While the footprint of smaller tank size, such as a 30,000L water tank will probably be larger than that of a plastic tank, when it comes to a larger capacity – upward of 60,000L – you’re only going to need the one steel tank thanks to the scalable dimensions and modular design, meaning more water storage in less space.

A warranty that reflects durability

Pioneer’s residential water tanks – up to 280,000L – come with Pioneer’s 20/20 warranty. That’s a 20 year conditional structural warranty, in addition to a 20 year conditional warranty against leakage. This is a reflection of Pioneer’s confidence in both our tank construction and our Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial liner; for drinking water, residential use or farm use.

Steel water tanks are also easier to repair than plastic, concrete or fibreglass water tanks, as the individual panels are able to be replaced if the outside is damaged, and liner repair patches are available if a leak appears. If the leak cannot be patched, the water tank can be relined and ready to go without having to build a new water tank.

Thanks to the qualities of steel, Pioneer Water Tanks are also able to be recycled at the end of their service life, making them a more environmentally friendly solution than plastic tanks, which will end up in landfill once the plastic itself has become unstable and begins to degraden

Steel Water Tanks For Sale

Zincalume ® Water Tank Prices

Zincalume® water tanks are what most people think of when they think of a steel water tank, or are referring to a corrugated or galvanised water tank.

Made from tried and tested Australian steel, these tanks are long lasting and include technological advancements to protect from the harsh Aussie climate.

Colorbond ® Water Tank Prices

A slightly more expensive option than your standard Zincalume® finish,  the Colorbond® tank range allows people to personalise their tank to match their roof or environment for the best customer experience.

As well as providing a number of colours, Colorbond® steel also includes a protective layer more suited to areas closer to the coast.

Steel Water Tank Price List

If you are after a Pioneer Water Tanks price list, as well as more info regarding colours and fittings available with your water tank, you can get the price list for your location by getting in touch with Pioneer Water Tanks on 1800 999 599.

Standard prices include tank delivery costs up to 100km from your nearest installer, and if you have a quote sent out to you, you will be informed of lead times and options for your installation.

Water Tank Accessories

Pioneer has a range of accessories, including the Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner, ladder and access hatch, a set of anodes, 150mm overflow, and ball valve outlet, as well as a host of optional accessories.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Cost of water tank installation

Another factor that should be considered with the purchase of a rainwater tank are the associated costs during and after installation. These costs include your non-standard water tank accessories, the preparation of your sand pad or tank base, and the cost of any plumbing systems of pumps you might require for your water tank to work as desired.

Steel tank maintenance

An advantage of a steel tank is  that maintenance isn’t one of the major requirements as long as you keep your gutters and filter baskets clean. The metal parts themselves don’t require any ongoing maintenance, but it is recommended you change your anodes as per manufacturer specifications, as well as checking any equipment involved in your rainwater harvesting system a few times a year.

Looking to buy a steel water tank?

Pioneer Water Tanks remains an Australian owned company, with a team of professional water tank dealers – each an Australian owned business in their own right – located all across the country who can help you with your water storage services throughout their service life.

If you are looking to get a price for a steel water tank today, and place your order as soon as possible, or you are simply looking for advice regarding all things water tanks, contact Pioneer Water Tanks today on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote by leaving your name, number, location, and preferred water tank on our simple online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to BlueScope Water Tanks?

BlueScope Water Tanks was a trading name of Pioneer Water Tanks for a brief period of time before returning to the Pioneer name. The Pioneer brand continues to make high quality Pioneer Water Tanks, and still uses only genuine Australian BlueScope steel for the tank wall panels and roof sheets.

How much are water tanks in Australia?

With a range of water tanks available in a variety of water tank materials, the prices of water tanks in Australia vary greatly. A 10,000L poly tank might set you back around $2500, while a 250,000L Colorbond® water tank will likely cost you around $25,000. The size and material of your desired tank will greatly impact the cost.

Are steel water tanks better than plastic?

Steel water tanks can be manufactured to much higher capacities than plastic tanks, and are much better for bushfire protection, Where poly tanks can be made to reliably store water up to somewhere around 50,000 litres, steel tanks can be constructed to store up to around 500,000 litres. Plastic tanks are smaller and easier to fit in confined spaces with slimline tanks.

How long does a steel water storage tank last?

Steel water tanks that are made from high quality BlueScope Steel, and with a professional level of construction should last you more 30 years. This is why Pioneer Water Tanks confidently come with a 20 year warranty.

Is it okay to drink water in steel water tanks?

Steel rainwater tanks for your home come fitted with a food-grade plastic liner, which keeps your water safe to drink. Pioneer Water Tanks include the exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, which is designed to keep your water fresher for longer through the antibacterial qualities of silver.