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Pioneer Steel Liner Tanks

Lined Tanks for Your Home or Farm

Pioneer Water Tanks have been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality steel liner tanks all across the state for more than 30 years, and have a lot of experience in ensuring that these water tanks meet the high demands of the Western Australian climate and lifestyle.

With industry-leading improvements in liner technology thanks to the Aqualiner Fresh® Antimicrobial Tank liner – which not only comes standard with all Pioneer liner tanks from 12,000 – 275,000 litres, but can be fitted to existing tanks – Pioneer ensures that your stored water is as fresh as possible.

A water tank liner doesn’t just improve the quality of your harvested rainwater though, it also helps prevent corrosion and rust in the metal parts of your tank, and is engineered into Pioneer’s award winning tank design to help make an overall stronger and more durable water tank.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Water Tank Liners Perth

Why use a water tank liner?

The main benefits of a water tank liner are going to be found in water quality, as they will keep the water from touching the metal or concrete walls of your water tank, keeping the water cleaner and the walls more stable.

As well as this, water tank liners also improve the overall strength and durability of your water tank, preventing corrosion and deterioration, and removing the requirement for welding techniques at the site of outlets and valves.

Tank lining protection

The ground in Australia is anything but gentle,  so Pioneer has options when it comes to how you install your water tank on its sand pad.

While some are comfortable with the sand pad itself, others prefer the security of extra protection offered by a Geotextile underlay, which protects the base of your liner, preventing any impurities in the sand, or objects that may work their way through over time from damaging your liner.

Pioneer Water Tank for a home on a farm in perth western australia

Antimicrobial Rainwater Tank Liners

Pioneer Water Tanks  took the food grade application of a water tank liner to the next step, teaming up with Australian liner fabricators Bartletts, and Swiss antimicrobial material company Sanitized® to create the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner.

This liner works from inside your tank to protect your stored rainwater from the growth of algae or bacteria, keeping your water fresher for longer.

The liner features five dual seam welded layers, with silver ions woven into the liner, without the need for any chemical coatings or resin.

The strength of the liner also comes from the Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile taking pressure off of the liner by preventing stretching as the tank fills and empties.

Water Tank Liner Installation

Replacement Liner for Water Tank

If your steel water storage tank has a leak, you can either repair this liner, or if it isn’t repairable, replace it with a new water tank liner in order to continue the service life of your water tank.

Our Pioneer Dealers are equipped to reline a range of water tanks with liners for a range of applications, and it can often be significantly cheaper than purchasing a new water tank.

Concrete Water Tank Liners

For customers with concrete tanks who are looking to have them lined or relined with a water tank liner, this is also available for some size tanks, as there is a flexibility to manufacture liners in sizes outside Pioneer’s standard products’ sizes.

Water Tank Liner Repair Kit

If your liner has a small leak, you can simply mend it with a liner repair patch instead of going to the lengths of having an entirely new liner fitted. 

It is important to check your 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage also, for information on what you are covered for when it comes to your liner repair.

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Pioneer's Quality Steel Rainwater Storage Solutions

Pioneer Rainwater Tanks are more than just the industry leading Aqualiner Fresh® tank liner contained within them, and decades of engineering and experience have gone into the construction of every aspect of the tank, from the roof trusses, to the outlet placements, to the range of accessories that are standard with each and every Pioneer Water Tank.

Available in standard sizes from as small as 12,000 litres up to a whopping 500,000 litres of water storage, and in a range of Colorbond® colours or a traditional Zincalume® finish, there is sure to be a Pioneer Water Tank that suits your practical and aesthetic needs.

Pioneer Water Tanks are also available with a range of optional accessories, from dust and vermin protection, to fire fittings and outlets, to water level indicators, geotextile liner protection, roof harvesting technology and more.

Steel Liner Tank or Water Tank Liner price

For a details or prices about Pioneer’s range of steel water storage solutions, or for advice regarding relining an existing tank, simply phone our helpful customer service team on 1800 999 599, or if you’d rather keep your journey online click here to request a quote, and one of our dealers will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a tank liner last?

This will differ based on the liner used, and from company to company. Some liners nee to be replaced every three to five years, however Pioneer’s liner tanks should see your liner last you decades without the need for replacing, and if they get a small leak, it is as easy as installing a liner repair patch.

What is a liner and what does it do?

A water tank liner is a layer of plastic – usually polyethylene – that sits inside your tank like a bladder. These plastic water tank liners keep the water from coming into contact with the walls, helping to prevent corrosion and rust, while also helping to protect the quality of the stored rainwater. 

What is the importance of a liner?

A water tank liner is a layer of polyethylene or similar plastic material that sits between the stored water in the tank, and the material that the shell of the tank is made from – usually concrete or steel. A liner is important because it helps keep your water fresher and cleaner as it doesn’t come into contact with the shell, and also helps protect the walls of the tank from corrosion.

What is best to put under a water tank?

While some water tanks are installed on a concrete slab or water tank stand, Pioneer recommends a 150mm sand pad as the best material for your tank pad. For an extra layer of protection, you can install a geotextile underlay with your water tank in order to protect the liner from any impurities or sharp objects that may make their way through the sand over time.

Should tank water be filtered?

All guidelines suggest that rainwater in rural areas should be safe to drink, and if your rainwater looks, smells and tastes clear, your chances of getting sick are low, which means that it typically won’t be necessary to filter your tank water, however with the water filtration systems for domestic use becoming cheaper all the time, if it is something that you find to be of concern, it isn’t going to hurt to install a water filter to ensure the water you are using for drinking, cooking and food preparation is healthy, clean water.