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Corrugated Iron Water Tanks

Once a reliable staple of the Australian outback, galvanised iron – and with it galvanised steel water tanks – has been replaced in most industries and uses by the much improved range of Zincalume® products.

While still used in some industry or commercial businesses, Galvanised steel is no longer the most popular material for residential, farming or firefighting water storage solutions.

Most people who talk about galvanised steel water tanks today are referring to Zincalume® water tanks, or even sometimes Colorbond® water tanks, as the term Galvanised Steel is a result of genericization much the way we refer to zip lock bags as Glad Bags.

Still made with a corrugated finish, Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel are some of the most popular building materials in Australia, due to their corrosion resistance, strength and relative cheapness compared to their alternatives.

Pioneer Water Tanks are made with genuine BlueScope products, with Australian sourced steel used to manufacture the wall and roof sheets of all sizes in our range of water storage products.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

The evolution of corrugated water tanks

Galvanised rainwater tanks

Galvanised steel water tanks have been used for a range of applications in Australia dating right back to its introduction to the market, taking over from standard corrugated iron sheets, which are a key part of the rural Australian identity.

Galvanised steel was used in a range of applications for water storage including liner tanks for stock water, residential water storage, commercial and industrial water storage, as well as the roof sheets and gutters used to harvest the water that fills the tanks.

For those chasing a more traditional silver or grey look akin to galvanised, or those less concerned with having their water tank in a specific colour, Pioneer Water Tanks offers all of our water tanks in Zincalume® steel as standard.

Manufactured in the eye-catching Pioneer V-Lock® style instead of traditional corrugation, these Zincalume® tanks feature all of the benefits of BlueScope’s Activate® technology, and make for a durable and high-quality metal water tank that doesn’t just meed but exceed the Australian standard.

This genuine Zincalume® product makes for steel tanks that will last you for decades to come, and gives a modern yet traditional look to your sheds, home or cattle station.

Your new metal rainwater tanks should be a feature of your home, not something you’re trying to hide away out the back.

That’s why Pioneer Water Tanks offers the choice of genuine BlueScope Colorbond® Steel aross our range of tanks, to go with our award-winning and aesthetically pleasing Pioneer V-Lock® corrugation tank panels.

Pioneer Water Tanks has a range of both standard and non-standard steel rainwater tank colours, ensuring that you get not just the best water tank for your property, but something you’re happy to showcase as a part of your house and home.

a photo of a pioneer water tank in colorbond steel with green grass and trees

Galvanised Stock Tank Australia

Corrugated Iron Tanks for Cattle Stations

Pioneer Water Tanks has a longstanding relationship with the Aussie cattle industry, installing large round tanks on cattle stations, farms and properties all across the country, thanks to our team of experienced installers and sales staff maintaining great relationships with the customers in this industry, and learning about their water storage needs.

With water tanks into the hundreds of thousands of litres, there is sure to be a water tank in the size you need for your property, no matter the location or climate. The corrugated panels used in Pioneer Water Tanks have been designed specifically for water storage, with strength and durability in mind, and is why we are able to offer a 20 year conditional structural warranty in addition to a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage. 

Corrugated Steel Water Tanks for Livestock

Finding a solution that not only meets but exceeds the water usage requirements of farms with livestock is crucial in Western Australia, with unpredictably long dry spells just around the corner at any time, additional storage can be of great assistance.

A great advantage of Pioneer Water Tanks, particularly when it comes to large properties that need large capacity water storage systems, is their lightweight modular design allowing them to be constructed on site rather than prefabricated, meaning that delivery can be done performed by small truck or ute, allowing access to remote parts of the property that may not have an environment suited to the large trucks one piece galvanised or poly water tanks need to be transported on.

Smart Water Monitoring Solution

On large properties used for irrigation or running livestock, you can spend hours of driving time and litres of petrol driving around in order to check your reservoir.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, time is money, and Pioneer Water Tanks has a solution that can potentially save you hours of your year at a relatively small cost. The TankMate 4G water level sensor provides great value, only requiring a Telstra signal to provide you with daily updates on your water storage levels, as well as a number of stats regarding water usage which can alert you to leaks or low water stores.

The TankMate water level sensor is available on all Pioneer Water Tanks including fire tanks, drinking water storage, irrigation tanks and stock water tanks. If you are interested in what the TankMate water level indicator can do for you, simply ask your local Pioneer Dealer when you get a quote.

Residential Water Storage Solutions

Rainwater Tanks for Your Home

While most people have access to mains water, living in towns and cities across Australia, there are many living in the rural reaches of Western Australia with no access to mains water, and for those families tank size is important, as they rely on tank water as their primary water source.

With options for dimensions that allow up to 500,000 litres of water storage, the only restriction for many people is availability of space for the footprint of a water tank.

Large steel rainwater tanks are typically quite easy to fill in areas with adequate rainfall, correctly fitted gutters, and a reasonably sized catchment area. The average home in Perth would be able to harvest upward of 175,000L of rainfall from its roof annually, comfortably filling a 110,000L rainwater tank each winter.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 12% of total household water use comes from rainwater tanks in homes across Australia, which includes slimline tanks for garden beds and small tanks for the laundry, but is made up by a significant number of residential properties relying on rainwater storage for their home.

two pioneer water tanks side by side on a rural block at the base of a mountain for off grid sustainable water storage

Corrugated Iron Water Tank Fittings and Accessories

Standard Galvanised Rainwater Tank Inclusions

aqualiner fresh layers example antimicrobial water tank liner

1 x Exclusive Aqualiner Fresh® Water Tank Liner

a 50mm outlet with ball valve fire fitting for steel water tanks

1 x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve

a pioneer water tanks stainless steel leaf filter basket for steel water tanks

1 x  Stainless Steel Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet

a galvanised steel ladder for large steel water tanks hook on ladder with bracket

1 x Hook-On Galvanised Ladder with Bracket

pioneer water tanks hinged galvanised steel roof access hatch water tank access hatch

1 x Heavy Duty Hinged Access Hatch

a pioneer water tanks 150mm overflow 150mm bellmouth

1 x 150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve

a single annode bag sacrificial anode for steel water tank corrosion protection

1 x Set (2) of Anodes

Optional Corrugated Iron Tank Accessories

ball valve outlet for steel water tanks

Fire protection valve and fire water reserve to shire standards

an analogue water level indicator with float valve and weight

Digital or traditional water level indicators

four pioneer water tanks smart water savers tank roof gutter system pieces

Gutterless tank roof rainwater harvesting system

a close up photo of water tank liner protection water tank underlay fabric geotextile underlay

Geotextile underlay to protect liner from damage

SuperSeal water tank dustproofing and vermin protection for water tank freshness

SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip pack

Looking for a price on a galvanised water tank?

If you have any questions or need further information regarding Pioneer’s range of steel water tanks, whether you need a water tank for your home, farm or business, Pioneer Water tanks is here to help.

If you can’t find what you need on our website, simply get in touch with us on 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote for water tank prices today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Galvanised water tanks safe?

Zincalume® is a tried and tested high performance steel used in roofs and gutters, with a manufacturer recommendation for the use of Zincalume® steel for the collection of drinking water. Zincalume® water tanks also utilise a liner, further keeping the drinking water safe and healthy. For information on galvanised vs Zincalume® steel, click here.

What metal is best for water tanks?

Stainless steel has the highest rating for corrosion and contamination resistance, but is very expensive, and needs all bolts and joins to be made of stainless steel. Zincalume® steel can be expected to last for decades, and most Zincalume® and Colorbond® water tanks last well upward of 20 years.

What are the disadvantages of steel water tanks?

Steel water tanks are often more expensive than poly water tanks when it comes to smaller sizes, and have a larger footprint required. However when it comes to water storage upward of 60,000 litres, or fire protection, there is no comparison the quality and durability of steel water tanks.

Why are water tanks corrugated?

Water tanks are corrugated to increase the overall strength of the steel sheet used to construct them. Typically, the more elaborate a profile, the stronger you make a sheet of steel, and unlike most other tanks, the Pioneer V-Lock® tank wall profile was custom engineered for the sole purpose of water storage.

Are steel water tanks better than plastic?

Steel water tanks can be manufactured to significantly larger capacities than poly or slimline water tanks, and often used for different purposes. Whereas poly tanks can be made to reliably store water up to around 50,000 litres, Pioneer’s has metal water tanks for sale up to a 500,000 litre model. Read more information on poly vs steel water tanks.