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Colorbond® Rainwater Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have been designers, manufacturers and builders of steel rainwater tanks for more than 30 years, providing thousands of homes, farms and businesses with reliable rainwater storage all across Australia each year.

One thing Pioneer has been sure to maintain along the way is a close level of control over manufacturing materials and the manufacturing process, and it is one advantage of remaining wholly Australian owned and operated.

All Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured right here in Western Australia, from Australian-sourced BlueScope Steel, and are installed by local Australian businesses all across  the country, in order to ensure the best service, availability and quality water storage solution for your home or property.

Pioneer Water Tanks understands that your water tank should be a feature of your home, and not something you have to try and hide, and  that is why, along with our unique and durable wall profile, all sizes of Pioneer Water Tanks are available in our full range of Colorbond® colours.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for Western Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.

Colorbond® Water Tank Colours

Genuine BlueScope Steel Water Tanks

If you purchase a Colorbond® rainwater tank from Pioneer, you can rest assured that it is manufactured from genuine BlueScope Steel, and the wall panels have a genuine Colorbond® finish, as Pioneer do not use any powder coating or painting, and roll the tank panels from coils of your desired Colorbond® colour.

This is why Pioneer Water Tanks has a range of standard Colorbond® colours and a range of non-standard Colorbond® colours.  While it is faster and more affordable to utilise the most popular colour range, Pioneer understands that your water tank should be available in the colour you want, in order to match your home, shed or environment.

Standard Colorbond® Tank Colours



Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®




Pale Eucalypt®

Non-Standard Colorbond® Tank Colours

Dover White™

Evening Haze®



Shale Grey™





Night Sky®


Deep Ocean­®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®

Standard Colorbond® Colours

Non-Standard Colorbond® Colours

Standard Colours Colorbond® Tank Gallery

The Strength of Colorbond® Tanks

Pioneer V-Lock® Engineering

One way Pioneer Water Tanks continue to lead the way in the water storage industry, is by going above and beyond when it comes to the fundamental aspects of your water tank.

The Pioneer V-Lock® is the tank wall profile that your Colorbond® sheets are formed into, which create the signature look of a Pioneer tank.

This wall profile was engineered specifically for water storage needs in mind, and is designed both for the strength of the tank and to reduce the impact of stretching and wear on the liner.

Combining this award-winning tank wall profile with high quality BlueScope steel, results in a water tank with unrivalled durability and corrosion protection, at a price that is great value.

Australian BlueScope Steel Tanks

Pioneer ensures that every Pioneer Water Tank is manufactured from genuine BlueScope steel, to ensure that the quality of Pioneer’s products is consistent and reliable.

BlueScope’s Colorbond® Steel has undergone rigorous testing all across the product range, to ensure that they are fit to stand up to the harsh Aussie climate. These are tested in lab conditions, as well as real climate testing to cover summer and winter, drought or rain.

Pioneer's 20/20 Warranty

The use of quality steel, as well as the professionalism that goes into the design, manufacturing and installation of every Pioneer Water Tank is why Pioneer is able to offer the Pioneer 20/20 Warranty.

That’s a 20 year conditional structural warranty, along with a 20 year conditional warranty against water leakage, and is applicable to any product in the rural range from 12,000 litres to 280,000 litres.

photos of kangaroos in front of a 500000 litre water tank from pioneer water tanks

Quality Fittings and Accessories

Pioneer also has a range of fittings and accessories available, some that come with delivery of every water tank, and some optional to meet your specific requirements.

While the variety of optional accessories may come at an additional cost, they also help personalise your rainwater harvesting experience, and can be well worth the money with the help they provide.

a tankmate 4g water level sensor tank water level indicator installed on a pioneer water tank

The People Who Make Pioneer Great

Pioneer’s Dealer Direct® Network is maybe Pioneer’s greatest asset as a company. Made up of a team of water tank installers across Australia, each one a local business, it is thanks to them that Pioneer Water Tanks is able to maintain local customer service from people that are a pleasure to deal with no matter where you are in Australia.

No matter what tank size you need, or what questions you may have before, during or after your tank installation, your Pioneer installer will be happy to help you throughout the ongoing service life.

Looking for a quote or more information on Colorbond® Tanks?

If you still have more questions about Colorbond® Water Tanks, Pioneer is here to help, whether it be about dimensions, water tank capacity, overall footprint or site space required or simply to just get a quote. Simply call our head office number at 1800 999 599, or simply click here to request a quote online, and one of our dealers will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best colour for a water storage tank?

There is no best one colour when it comes to steel water tanks, as the colour is more for aesthetic purposes than anything else. If you live in a coastal area where you have been given advice that you need better corrosion protection, then Colorbond® steel will offer you greater protection over Zincalume®, but no one colour will outperform another.

How much are tanks in Perth?

Water Tanks in Perth can cost any where from $1000 for a 2000 litre slimline poly water tank without any fittings, up to $25,000 for a 275000 litre steel water tank. These prices will vary depending on your requirements and location, and will vary even between similar companies. The best way to determine prices is to start looking for quotes.

How long does a steel water storage tank last?

Steel Water Tanks should be expected to last well upward of 20 years, and as they are modular and repairable, and can continue to be repaired for years after installation. Most Pioneer Water Tanks installed over 30 years ago are still in full operation to this day.

Is a stainless steel water tank worth it?

Stainless steel water tanks offer greater resistance to crevice corrosion, cavitation, and wear and tear in pure and contaminated waters, however they are significantly more expensive than steel liner tanks, and don’t provide many benefits to the average rural water tank user.

What is the best type of rainwater tank?

There is no one answer to this, as the majority of – if not all  – steel liner tanks and poly water tanks available on the market are made from food grade materials designed to safely interact with drinking water. It would be recommended not to install a concrete water tank for drinking, as they must be entirely emptied to be repaired, and can seep into your drinking water.

If you are looking for a water tank to use as your sole residential water supply, however, nothing compares to a steel water tank. With sizes up to 280,000L in the standard rural range, you’re able to harvest and store enough rainwater for your entire family in one water storage solution. Head here for more information on what material water tank is best.